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MR4™ Laser

What is the MR4™ Laser?

The MR4™ is a Multi Radiance laser that synergizes the entire therapeutic light spectrum and uses this to deliver therapeutic energy. This synergy gives an optimal environment that reinforces the effects that individual wavelengths have which has created the world's most advanced pain relieving modality.

What is Multi Radiance Technology™?

The Multi Radiance Technology™ inside of the MR4™ utilizes lasers that are super pulsed which causes a higher peak power upon body contact while also maintaining an even safer environment than traditional laser treatments. The more powerful super pulses the MR4™ uses have been shown to be more effective in delivering photons to the deeper tissues in the body (up to five inches deep) when compared to continuous and modulated lasers. Unlike the Class IV continuous lasers, Multi Radiance Technology™ devices virtually eliminate any risk of any thermal damage to tissues.

Is it safe?

The MR4™ is an FDA cleared device that provides a non-surgical and drug-free treatment option. Dr. Bergeron also provides a comforting and safe environment during each procedure. With the MR4™ treatment at Bergeron Chiropractic, not only is your body safe, but your mind as well.

Contact Dr. Mark Bergeron for more information about the MR4™ Laser and the treatment procedure.

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